The Election Impact on Welsh Rental Market

Williams & Goodwin The Property People explore how the recent election and Welsh governance will shape the residential lettings market in Wales.

The Election Impact on Welsh Rental Market

Election Impact on Welsh Property Rental Market

Following our blog on the Sales market we now offer our view into the effects of the recent election on the residential lettings market in Wales, with a special focus on how devolution and local governance will shape the landscape as housing is a devolved matter in Wales. Grab a cuppa, because this is crucial information!

UK Election and Welsh Governance

With the recent UK election resulting in a new Labour government, the implications for the rental market in Wales are multifaceted. Here’s how the political landscape and Welsh governance will play their part:

  1. Welsh Assembly and Rent Smart Wales: The Welsh Assembly, through Rent Smart Wales, continues to regulate the rental market with a focus on improving standards and tenant rights. The Labour UK government’s policies are likely to align with these goals, potentially introducing more stringent regulations and enforcement measures throughout the UK.
  2. Rent Act and Potential Rent Controls: There’s growing concern about the introduction of rent controls. While aimed at protecting tenants from exorbitant rent hikes, such measures could further discourage landlords, exacerbating the already reduced supply of rental properties. However, for new landlords, this could mean less competition and higher rental income potential.
  3. Regulatory Burden: The increasing burden of regulation is prompting many landlords to sell up. This trend is reducing the supply of rental properties, leading to significant rent increases. While this is challenging for tenants, it creates opportunities for new landlords who can navigate the regulatory landscape and capitalise on rising rents and reduced void periods.

Market Dynamics and Opportunities

  1. Reduced Supply, Increased Demand: We are finding the reduced supply of rental properties is leading to higher rents and a competitive market. Properties are being snapped up quickly, often with multiple applicants vying for the same home. This dynamic benefits landlords who can command higher rents and enjoy shorter void periods.
  2. New Landlord Opportunities: The current market conditions present opportunities for new landlords. With rising income levels and high tenant demand, those entering the market can achieve attractive returns. However, they must be prepared to comply with stringent regulations and potentially navigate rent controls.
  3. Tenant Challenges: Tenants face increasing challenges with rising rents and limited availability. This situation underscores the need for balanced policies that protect tenant rights while ensuring a healthy supply of rental properties.
  4. Policy Impact: The Labour government’s housing policies will be critical. Initiatives to increase housing supply, support affordable housing, and introduce rent controls will shape the rental market’s future. Landlords and investors must stay informed and adaptable to these changes.
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Market Forecast for 2024

  1. Continued Demand: The demand for rental properties in Wales will remain strong, driven by limited supply and high tenant competition.
  2. Rising Rents: Expect rents to continue rising, particularly in high-demand areas. Landlords who can offer quality properties will benefit the most.
  3. Regulatory Landscape: The regulatory landscape will evolve, with potential new measures from the Welsh Assembly and Labour government. Staying compliant and proactive will be key for landlords.
  4. Investment Opportunities: New landlords can find opportunities in the current market, particularly if they focus on compliance and quality. The potential for high returns and reduced void periods makes this an attractive time to invest.


The recent election and Welsh governance will significantly impact the residential lettings market in Wales. While challenges exist, particularly with regulatory burdens and potential rent controls, opportunities abound for those who can navigate the landscape. Staying informed and adaptable will be essential for success in this evolving market.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to explore the impact of political and regulatory changes on the property market.

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